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io year by▓ year.Over 10 million people suffer from the disease in Ch▓ina with half of them teens aged below 14 years ol▓d. Autism is a form of pervasive▓ developmental disorder. People get the disea▓se due to insufficient attention from their pa▓rents or punishment from parents’ bad behavior.Autistic people require others understanding their needs as they are more likely to be considered as aliens, rather

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▓than geniuses. One could hardly imagine the▓ difficulty children who are isolated from community and society suffer at the start ▓of their development.Many parents use their own money an▓d time to help their children catch up their educational development to the same standards of others.Ea▓ch tiny progress of an "autistic child" is the result of a ▓tremendous effort by their family and by the child themselve

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s. Research suggests that family members, especially parents of autistic children, face the same pressure levels as soldiers in war zones do.They guard their children as the disorder has unknown causes, unspecified treatments and uncertain futures.Therefore, people ne▓ed to pay more attention to family members of▓ autistic people, as their lives are not easy. Till now, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) ha

s been proved as the s▓cientifically effective intervention method. ▓If you see problematic behaviors of autistic people, please do not gaze at or discriminate ▓them.If your child

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happens to be a clas▓smate of an autistic child, pl

ease instruct them to provide the necessary help and care to their peer▓.If you see a k

id hanging around alone for a long time and they do not know h

ow to answer your questions▓, you should call the police for assistance

▓ immediately. Please scan the QR Code to follow

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m in Ward03-26-2018 1▓5:41 BJTBEIJING, March 25 (Xinhua) -- ▓The children are aged from 2 to 14 and thei

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r classroom always smells of disinfectant▓.They all wear masks; most have no or thinning hair.They are le

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ukemia ch▓ildren.About 10,000 to 15,000 Chinese children are d▓iagnosed with leukemia each year, most of them in the 2 to 7 age group. Treatmen▓t usually lasts two to th

d Autism Awareness Day.Currently, the rate of te

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